How to play poker game

Poker game is a card game consisting of the betting ability of the players’ card against the strength of the competitors’ cards. The game has a number of variations played in single 52 standard card decks. Poker game requires the analytical and mathematical attributes so as to be able to play the game more effectively. Further you need the ability to read the cards in your opponents’ hands or have a clue on the kind of cards your opponents are holding through observing the betting patterns or the physical demeanor.

Poker game is not restricted to a certain number of players. A single player can play with any number of players or opponents with a purpose of winning money. Poker card are categorized in downward order beginning from the highest to lowest card.

The order is as follows:

- King;
- Queen;
- Jack;
- 10,9,8,7, to 2
- Ace

Besides, the game has four suits: clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts. The suits are all equal. A hand is a dealt of 5 cards. The highest hand becomes the winner of the game. Jokers and wild cards are used in some games to fit in any rank and suit where the player or possessor wishes to use them.

The game betting begins when the game cards are dealt. The pot is put in the centre of the table where players start to bet from. The game is played in a clockwise direction.

The player with a higher rank showing than the rest becomes the first player to bet and speak. That player can choose to either to check or bet. If he says check, that means he passes the bet decision to any next player to play or check. If the check decision is made by all players, that becomes the end of the round. Every player will open his hands and the one with the highest hand will win the game.

Players can raise, call or fold. To fold means to drop or pass out from the round thus will not play. To catch means to match and add another extra bet. To call means to match the bet and the amount should be put in the pot.

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