How to get casino bonus

In live casinos, it normal to see players being given free food or drinks by the casino, this is to attract players. In online casinos, there is no way to give free drinks and foods, so to attract more pplayers, online casinos will normally give players bonuses. There are many ways one can get a bonus from a casino, here are some of these ways.

Bonus on joining
There are casinos that will give users bonus by simply joining them. The bonus will enable the user to download the casinos software and also it can be used later to play if you deposit money into your account. The need to deposit some money to use the bonus to play avoid having people just joining the site to use the bonus then disappear after winning.

Bonus on initial deposit
Many casinos also give individuals bonus on the first deposit they make. This deposit is usually as a percentage of the amount deposited. The percentage vary from about twenty percent of the initial deposit to 300% of the deposit in some online casinos. This really attracts most people since they will be able to play more than the money they deposited.

Bonus on further deposits
Some casinos also offer bonus on further deposit. An individual can therefore get bonuses by doing futher deposits on his or her account. It is important to always look out for such offers before you join any online casino.

Bonus for loyal clients
Casinos at times also give bonuses to frequent players. If you play often, you increases your chance of winning such bonuses. This kind of bonus is independent of how much you deposits or how often you wins, you only need to be frequent player. It is meant to reward loyalty of clients.

Bonus on random clients
A casino may from time to time hold draws to reward its users. The draw is designed such that any member can win. This is fun since even the person who just joined on the day the draw is held can win bonuses.

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